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A Super Bowl is not out of the question.


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We have beaten 3 of the current playoff teams tha last time we played them - Giants, Seahawks, Bears. And a 4th, Tampa Bay, we essentially beat them on the field. But it's probably better that we lost on the scoreboard, so we can have the revenge factor. The bottom line is we can and should beat any of these NFC teams, especially now we're so hot, that we're playing our best football in over a decade. We're 5-1 in the division, an amazing 10-2 in the NFC. We're playing tough, we're playing smart, we've got chemisty, and we're tackling well. And remember Gibbs took us to the Super Bowl in his 2nd year, the last time around. The NFC is ours to grab.

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we need to get better field position, you are right. also brunell needs to be healthy that guy who said that was right too. and witout springs im concerned, our d-line needs to step it up and every other person in the secondary needs to hit real hard, especially at galloway.

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This is the wrong approach.

Right now, at this very moment, this season has been as successful as most of us could have imagined. Last year the Redskins were 6-10. This year, they have improved enough to go 10-6, 5-1 in division, and put together a playoff season. At this point, we as fans have to look at 2005 and say mission accomplished. Everything else the Redskins do is just gravy.

Yes, the Redskins are capable of beating anybody. But the fact is, now they have to go on the road and beat three teams, all of whom had a better season than they did. I'm not saying I don't hope they do. I'm not saying I don't think they can. I am saying I don't expect them to.

If we start thinking that the Redskins are going to the Super Bowl and they don't go, that'll leave us with a bad taste in our mouths about this season, and given everything this team has accomplished, that would be pretty sad.

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Lets hope we beat seattle this weekend so we can have a home game.

????? ????? ????? Seattle has a BYE this week They are the #1 seed. We are the #6 seed. There is nothing we can do to get ANY home game from here on out. We just need to win 4 on the road!!!!!

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The Skins are capable of beating any team when they're hot.

Yesterday, they were not hot.

Brunell should have been benched and Ramsey should have started.

Brunell looked aweful.

And yes, field position.....they ran all over us like we weren't even there.

But no team can be a machine week after week.

Sooner or later, your gonna take a fall.

Then you get up, dust yourself off, and go back at it with all you have.

Do not underestimate the Lord Gibbs!


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