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Anyone see Portis Pancake that guy....


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Early in the game after Portis got wacked pretty hard on a run up the middle, on the next play Brunell was back their on third and long, Portis was in their to block......this time a Philly linebacker/safety came right up the middle on a blitz......not only did Portis jack him up on his first hit he then continued to 'pancake' him into the ground......Troy/Joe did not really pick up on it, and I never saw a clear replay......

But it was an amazing hit, ones I am sure Portis has been doing all year......the guy is an animal, amazing runner, but the reason I think Gibbs loves him is plays like that, plays that he has been making all season......Moss is a huge play maker, and is definitly what is the major difference for the skins this year......however Portis, with out a doubt, is the back-bone, the heart all those cliches for this team....... :notworthy

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