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is the madden curse back?


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did mcnabb have a bad season or what? i thought the madden curse was broken but i guess not. hey how about having eli on the next cover.:gaintsuck

I don't think it was ever broken. Sure, Lewis didn't get a major injury but did miss the last game or two last year due to being hurt. Even worse part of the curse, the Ravens have now gone 2 years in a row missing the playoffs, that and Lewis missed alot more time this year.

Maybe the injury part for defensive players is just a year late in the Madden world.

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it's not just Madden, it's EA sports. I did a post on this topic a long time ago. It was right after Roy Jones Jr did the cover of fight night and then got knocked out. The original cover of the EA Sports NHL 2006 (dany heatley) got removed from any new copies of the game because he was involved in the death of his teamate while drinking and driving. There are various of sport games from ea sports and different season which the cover player either had injuries or a bad year. It's a conspiracy

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Oh man if its Eli.

Its funny.. well kinda because Eli in my madden season has a career ending spinal cord injury. I really really felt bad in the game and thought about restarting the franchise (i may do it on all madden, only did it on all pro this time), but I just want to get through it.

Funny thing, for my Superstart mode, im the starting QB on the Bucs.

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I post this little bit of research I did everytime this Madden curse thing comes up and I updated it a bit now.

here's the numbers (keep in mind madden year numbers are a year ahead i.e. madden 2001 is for the 2000 season)

madden 2001 featured Eddie George-2000-1509 yds and 14 TDs, pretty good there....but the next year 2001 he failed to break 1000 yds for the 1st time in his career and I may be wrong but his toe problems began here.

madden 2002 featured Daunte Culpepper-2001- after 33 TDs vs 16 INTs and almost 4000 yds passing his 1st year starting, culpepper played in only 11 games and threw only 14 TDs vs 13 INTS

madden 2003 featured Marshall Faulk-2002-missed 2 games but still ran for 951 yds (1st time not to reach 1000 yds since 96) and caught 80 balls....the next year he missed 5 games and hasn't really been the same since.

Madden 2004 featured Michael Vick-2003-obviously only played in 5 games after breaking his leg in the pre season and dashed the very high hopes for the Falcons after making it deep into the playoffs the year before

Madden 2005 featured Ray Lewis-logged 146 tackles in 2004 (according to nfl.com) in 15 games....par for the course with him...however he had an injury plagued year in 2005

Madden 2006 features McNabb-we know the story here

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