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Again, thanks Joe Salave!!!!


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I've got to give him credit. After I saw how pissed off he was, I was worried he would go back and try to retaliate and get a flag. He didn't, just goes to show you how a good coaching staff can keep the team composed.

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My brother was at the game 17 rows up from the 'Skins bench. According to him, Salave'a was so incensed that the coaching staff and others were getting into his face and saying some really strong things to him (he didn't specify) and actually walked him down to the opposite end of the bench and left him alone for a few minutes. It seems as though they thought he was out of control and didn't want him to get penalized.

He finally walked back up directly to coach Williams and (apparently) asked for permission to re-enter the game.

I love Joe. The dude fights and fights, and he's clearly dedicated to the coaches and the team.

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