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Just got back from attending the Skins-Eagles tilt for the third year in a row at the Linc. I'll give Eagles fans credit for showing up and making noise although the place did seem somewhat less boisterous than in years past. Noticeable number of no-shows. Skins contingent in larger numbers than in previous years, although less than I expected.

Honestly can't say the phrase "Was there ever any doubt?" Eagles D held the Skins in check for the large majority of the game and I guess the loss of Springs kinda hurt the secondary. However, the Eagles fans around me told me that it was only going to be a matter of time before they self-destructed, and sure nuff........

Best sign: Two guys spelling out "Defense", but instead of the D and a fence, had a picture of Dee from "What's Happening" and then another of two guys fencing. Very clever.

Finally, last year after watching the Skins lose 28-6 at the Linc, I was exiting the stadium and heard a guy talking with a friend on his cell phone. I heard him remark "Well, that's what the idiot gets for coming back!"........an obvious reference to Gibbs. To that same guy........."This is why he came back, you jerk!"

Hail! Lets push Alstott's butt back into his own end zone this time!!!!!

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It was a great game. There were a lot of Skisn fans in my section and the one next to me but still overpowered by Eagles fans. The guy next to me was screaming and ranting and raving about how "the playoff hunt ended today" etc etc but it was all in good fun. At the two minute warning he shook mine and the other Skins fans' hands around me and congratulated us on the win and going to the playoffs.

There was some drunk guy who snuck into my section for a bit but he left before he could cause trouble.

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