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Well Chris Carter what now?


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i bet the pansy backs out of the bet now
Hell no, Dan Marino has (surprisingly) been making sure he keeps it, by bringing it up week after week. I cannot wait, because Marino has actually believed in us.

Mark my words, Carter will be in Hogette Dress this week.

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Rumor had it that some of Carters team mates didn't like him in the locker room because of his tough love attitude. I think that carter is a great receiver that has a good head for the game. Unfortunatly his oppinions get in the way of alot of that.

Then again it strikes me as odd that he would make predictions on whom is going and not going to the playoffs on that show.......How many superbowl appearances have you made chris? Let alone your playoff expertise.

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Man you guys are really opening my eyes to Chris Carter.

Gibbs is Gibbs, but Gruden is a good big-game coach, too

he favors TB.

Your right Chris, Three Super Bowl Rings and 4 Appearances is real crappy. If memory serves Gruden was such a big game coach his clutch coaching couldn't do anything to save oakland in the playoffs against denver in a game that ultimately lost him his job. Your right joe is much worse.

Mike Alstott ... He's more than a short-yardage threat

favors TB.

Hmmmmmmm. Lets see, Clinton Portis had 144 yards in a game where TB was suppose to have this big and scary run defense that was going to stop us cold.

Alstott lead the team in that last game with nine touches and only 21 yards. He's more than a short yardage back alright, he's also really good coming up the winner in contaversial extra point conversions to.

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