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Anyone got some Dallas Message Board/Chat Posts????


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I want to see what the Cowgirls are crying about?

Making the Playoffs is great.......but what makes this ten times better is knowing the team we knocked the Cowbushgirls out of the Playofss........maybe even forcing Parcels into earlier Retirement (or just a break knowing that quitter) is those damn Cowgirls.......

F Dallas.......hahahahahaha

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anyone see the TE from Dallas break the huttle before the game started saying "Lets go baby, this is our house lets finish 10-6"


you losers..........no playoffs.........


Americas team my little D'k


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The Cowbums were talking to Darren Woodson about coming back for the Playoffs because of injuries at thier safety position. Thats if they were to make the playoffs. So much for that. :laugh: :applause: :laugh: :D



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