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Please post your Redskin victory poems.


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Here is my feable attempt. I can't wait to read some of yours. C'mon everyone let's have some fun.

5 in a row, way to go

In Gibbs I trust to beat any foe

The NFC will feel our wrath

As we march down the victorious path

Tonight we dream of Lombardi's past

As we're back in the playoffs today at last

Hugs and kisses to all Skin fans

For we even ruined Dallas's plans

Now we start the four game journey

To kick some a$$ in the superbowl tourney

A little boy named Chucky stands in our way

And we'll get our revenge against Tampa Bay

No need to worry or shed a tear

The rest of the league will run in fear

All the pundits and mediots will stop talking smack

For the mighty Joe Gibbs has brought the Redskins back

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']You are a great fan base

and deserved to be in the playoff chase

I wish you luck in Tampa Bay

and hope you win on Saturday

With your sixth seeded ranking

I hope you come to Giants Stadium for an NFC Championship spanking


To GIVE an NFC Championship spanking

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