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I'd rather have gone into the playoffs on a better performance (EDITED)


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Wow, how in the hell can anyone calling themselves a skins fan come on here and make a statement like that. Dude you suck.

What this team showed me today was just how much guts they really have. It's easy to win ballgames by blowing teams out, but it takes something special to win after being down. It takes something they can't teach you in college or by watching game film. You either have it or you don't, heart.

The ability to go from getting your butt kicked to kicking butt is something that none of the teams we'll see in the playoffs have really done this year, except for maybe the Panthers. Our guys showed unity and determination and never EVER gave up.

How in the hell can you find anything negative in that.

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I can't be happy after watching this game. Maybe later, I'll feel better but I didn't want this team to just stagger into the playoffs with a performance like this.

Right now, I don't feel like we won.

I just checked NFL.com

Its official We Won :D

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yes i did. did you? did you watch any this season? Mark was seriously busted up from last week and took awhile to get his groove going. secondary banged up and our defense played them soft till the 4th quarter but when they poured it on they poured it on and guess what? a WIN is a WIN is a WIN no matter how you look at it so stop your whining. :rolleyes:

That's the team I watched too!! A playoff team going to Tampa to kick some "BucanAss"

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