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Having trouble eating, a couple pepto pills necessary, but today its all gonna come together:

-Portis breaks Stephen Davis' record, scores two short touchdowns

-Moss breaks Mitchell's record, 8 catches

-Cooley scores on screen pass from 20 yards out

-Sean Taylor takes a deflected McMahon pass 38 yards for a touchdown

Redskins win today

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HEY...HO...CLIN-TON POR-TIS!!! :point2sky

haha weve got a song called silverlining in the uk, we sing at at soccer matches. the loudspeaker plays the song then it turns down for the chant:

And its (loudspeaker off) " HI HO SILVER LINING" (loudspeaker on) everywhere we go now baby...

silver lining could so easily be replaced by clinto portis...

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My dream scenario: 450 total offensive yards--(300 passing) Defense has 9 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions Special teams allows -30 net return yards---put all this together with NO INJURIES at the end of the games!!!!!:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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