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In honor of Art's on-the-road-with-the-team blogs...

2pm EST: Fly into Philly. From the air I see loads of smokestacks; only the rain lets me know that the overcast sky is NOT due to the smog. I settle into an airport bar to get a beer and wait for Tarhog to arrive. I see someone with long blond hair wearing a leather Eagles jacket and ballcap. Shiver when I realize its a dude with a mullet.

4pm: Tarhog and I finally get to hotel. Find hotel bar and watch the Shottenheimers lose to the Shanahans. Thankfully the waitress staff was far more interesting to look at than the game.

6pm: Team arrives. Several players make brief appearances at the bar. Larry, Sonny, and Sam arrive. Sonny has a brief chat with random Eagles fan sitting at the bar next to him. After Sonny leaves, we tell him, "You know you were just talking to Sonny Jurgenson?" The guy's eyes get real wide, and he says, "No way!? I remember when he played for us! I still cant believe we traded away a HOF'er!" Props to the Eagles fan for at least knowing his team's history.

7pm: Tarhog buys Larry's and Sonny's drinks. "Yea, I am a fanboy," he says. Damn right you are. So is everyone reading this. Say it proudly.

9pm: Tarhog and I head to the room to watch the Raiders-Giants game and get some chow via room service. Both have too many beers and fall asleep before the end of the game. Yea, I am feeling old and boring right now.

3am: Awake due to Tarhog's snooring. Damn you Tarhog. And triple Damn you Norv for losing to the Giants.

9am: Finally recovering from the beer and gin&tonics from last night now that we got some breakfast. Larry, Sonny, and Sam were just finishing breakfast as we arrived. Can't imagine getting down there any earlier. Need Tylenol.

10:30am: Getting gear ready so we can head to the Linc. More from the pressbox there.....

11am: Arrive in parking lot.... Halter91 and his crew are already there breaking out the tailgating gear, as are a couple of the guys from the Funky4. After another 30 min or so, the Maryland House caravan arrives, as does 'the bus'. Redskins fans are out IN FORCE. Several Eagles fans cuss us out (good naturedly, of course) and then secretly confide that they hope we win so that we keep Dallas out of the playoffs. Brothers in our hate of the Pokes... whodathunkit. Click HERE for the pics.

1pm: Go through the Press entrance and enter the Pressbox. Bram is already here as is Dave Elfin. Larry and Sonny are with the bulk of the press corps watching the 1pm games. Props to the architects of the Linc. Its a beautiful stadium...too bad it houses Eagle fans :)

1:30pm: Brunell, Ramsey, and Rabach are out on the field warming up. Rabach has the white pants on and a sweatshirt. The QBs are in sweats. Not sure yet what jerseys we are wearing. Tarhog and I decide to head out to check out the stadium.

2:30pm: Head down to the field with Gary Fitzgerald. Redskins fans are scattered throughout the lower bowl. The B&G invasion has begun. See pics in link above. Jaws is down on the field attracting all sorts of attention from the Iggle fans.

3pm: Inactives are announced: For the Eagles, Kearse, Owens, Mahe, WR Carl Ford, LB Justin Ena, CB Don Strickland....... For the Skins: Carlos Rogers, Broughton, Patterson, Bowen, Boschetti, Farris, Aki Jones

3:30pm: Doug Williams is in the house... He is a scout for the Buccaneers. Being the fanboys that we are, we shake his hand and thank him for 1987 and the fantastic memories of our youth. "Hey guys, it was pretty good for me too," he said with a smile.

4:05 Kickoff.... Brunell seems off the first half. He has ALOT of guys open. A ball sails by us out of bounds. Tarhog is skittish about getting nailed again on the sidelines, but is still getting some awesome pics.

Halftime: I come back up to the press box for the 3rd quarter. I notice UnWise Mike and Sally Jenkins sitting next to each other right in front of me. Seems appropriate. Walt Harris gets beat and one of the reporters blurts out, "Bring back Garnell Wilds!" Real funny.

6:49pm Marshall's INT! Portis' TD! Poor UnWise Mike.... he stepped out to get a drink and laments that he missed seeing the TD. Glad to see he seems to care.

More to come....

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Hey Blade, any sign of that blockhead Len Shapiro in the pressbox today??

Never saw him, although as elsewhere mentioned, the other Post folks were there, and as always, extremely nice guys.

Rumor was Sally Jenkins seat was just below ours, although I had no interest in finding out if that was true or not :)

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