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After win at Philly where do we go for first playoff game?


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It looks as though we're going to Tampa. And no, we won't have a home playoff game this year. Well, I guess maybe if we, and the other wild card team, made it to the NFC championship game and we had the tiebreakers we could, but that's HIGHLY unlikely.

I would say a home playoff game would have been an automatic "W" or close to it, the way we're playing right now. And it's going to be tough going on the road (especially if we get to Chicago) but the Redskins are playing as well as anyone in the league right now. I think we'll make a strong showing.

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Beautiful. I want another shot at TB more than I do the Giants. Having a healthy Sean Taylor in the defensive backfield will makes things a little different this time for Simms than the last time. I'm going on a limb here. Somehow, some way, the NFC Championship will be at FedEx. Would that mean Dallas??

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