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OT but wth...Cream concert on HDNET now...


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I know, but there was no one over there!

It'll never happen again. I'll be good.:halo:

Yeah it gets like that. People head upstairs to The Stadium when it comes time for big games, even when it's not the Redskins at times. Add to that it's New Years and most are out and about celebrating, ( unlike yours truely. :doh: ), and things get a bit quiet down there.


Be good. :)

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Yea, I been partying DOWN tonight.

Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose earlier (not bad), ate a Nutty Bar, and will be lucky to make it to midnight. WOO HOO! :rolleyes:

Happy New Year to you and here's to a miracle comeback tonight and a dominating win tomorrow.

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