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Question for satellite radio users.


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I just got Sirius satellite radio installed in my car last week...I have a unit that attaches itself to a suction cup on the windshield...my main concern is theft.. If you guys have this form of satellite radio in your car, do you always disconnect it and store it away from plain view, or do you just leave it hooked up?...My though processes is that it's almost useless to steal, because the radio unit is registered to me and if it we stolen I can just de-activate it...its not like a cell phone or credit card that can have charges racked up (but I am sure the radio has some street value)...I just wanted you thoughts on this..



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I have the same setup. I remove the receiver and either take it with me or lock it in my glovebox. Can you remove the receiver from the mounting bracket? You should be able to.

Yes, I can remove it from the bracket and take it with me....but its frustrating I have to do it everytime, because I know some Idiot will try to steal it not knowing it probably has no street value (as mentioned by gridironmike).


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