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Philly Gameplan......(how many rushes?)

3 Rings

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Hopefully this is straight out of the "no crap" department but we can't give the Beagles ANY hope tomorrow or let them hang around too long.

Is everyone in agreeance that we should run the ball with CP, Betts, Rock, Riggins, Joe Washington...hell, whoever wants it, about 40 times?

Our O-line avg = 315.8 lbs

Beagles D-Line = 286.3 lbs

The math don't lie.

I'm putting the over under at 40 rushes....

:eaglesuck :gaintsuck :dallasuck

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25 to Portis about 10 to Rock and 5-8 to Betts. Yeah i want us to run the ball in this game A LOT. I want to see more ROCK!

remember that Betts is the backup and Rock is third on the depth chart. however i see both getting carries tomorrow. wouldnt it be nice if ALL of them scored a TD?

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Trotter IS their run D, and he will be playing with some fire. Last game of the year, division rival, to knock us out of the playoffs, AND its the Skins, his former temp squad. I hope we can contain him so we CAN stick to our game and keep the ball on the ground as much as we want to.

LETS GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

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