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I've decided that I'm ticked off...


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...or the alternative title to this thread, Have the Eagles been saving “their best” for us?

I'm ticked off by the (relatively few) mediots picking the Eagles on Sunday. And it's not being ticked off for the reason you might think. I'm ticked off because they're lying about the reason they think the Eagles will win. The lie they're telling goes something like, “The Eagles will rise up and play their best game of the year because they'll want to knock a bitter division rival out of the playoffs.”

Let's examine the last six weeks of the Eagles season. They're 2-4 over this period. If they're going to “give it their best” this week, which Eagles players have been dogging it for the past month and a half? Which coaches haven't been coaching their best over this period? Have they been saving up “their best” for this game? Logically, if they'd played “their best” over the past month and a half perhaps they'd still be in the playoff hunt! Wasn't retiring Reggie White's number on Monday Night Football enough to get them to play their best? 42-0 says, apparently not.

They speak the lie but the truth is they still think the Redskins suck. Most of them just don't have the cajones to go out on that shaky ledge and say so.

I'm pissed off by the disrepect. :mad:

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Why do people et so bent out of shape when the mediots show us no respect? THAT'S A GOOD THING! They never have, and it makes it all the sweeter when the Skins show them for the lackeys and lapdogs that they are......... Happy New Year All! HTTR~ playoff bound!

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