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Our team Awards for '05


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I want to know what who you think deserves our awards for this season.


Offensive MVP

Clinton Portis-9

Mark Bruenell-2

Chris Cooley-1

Santana Moss-25

Defensive MVP

Phillip Daniels-2

Cornelius Griffin-7

Lamar Marshall-5

Marcus Washington-15

Sean Taylor-7

Shawn Springs

Comeback Player

Mark Bruenell-30

Phillip Daniels-1

Jon Jansen-1

Antonio Brown-1

Sean Taylor-1

Mike Sellers-1

SkinsXL Tough Guy

Jon Jansen-15

Ray Brown-2

Joe Salave'a-3

Mike Sellers-1

Sean Taylor-4

Clinton Portis-2

Chris Cooley

Special Teamer

Mike Sellers-16

Antonio Brown-3

Ladell Betts-2

Life-time Acheivement

Ray Brown-3

Joe Gibbs

Joe Bugel-1

I will try to update this post with everyone's votes, and their additions if you want them.

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Offensive MVP- Santana Moss

His presence opens everything up and has made plays on a consistent basis that we have not seen here since the days of "The Posse".

Defensive MVP- Cornelius Griffin

Marcus Washington has had a good season (great December) but the defense is an elite defense only when Cornelius Griffin is in the lineup. We lose him and this whole house of cards collapses.

Comeback- Mark Brunell

He was dead and buried as a starter in this league. He's reponded with a very solid season and deserved to go to the pro bowl.


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Offensive MVP

Santana Moss

Defensive MVP

Marcus Washington

Comeback Player

Mark Brunell

Tough Guy

Jon Jansen

Rookie Of The Year: Carlos Rogers (I suppose their is no real competition for this award though)

Overall MVP

Santana Moss

At the UK fan club, when we do our awards, we also have Special Teams Player Of The Year and Value For Money Player, so:

Special Teams Player

Mike Sellers

Value For Money Player

Joe Salave'a

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Offensive MVP- Santana Moss. 1400 YDS, 9 TD's

Defensive MVP- Marcus Washington. 70 tackles, 6.5 sacks

Comeback player- Mark Brunell. Only started 9 games last year. Started 14 this year. 59.0 completion percent this year, 49.8 last year. 87.8 rating this year, 63.9 last year.

Tough guy- Jon Jansen. Played most of the season with two broken thumbs.

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Team MVP has to be Santana. Thats the difference in our O from this year to last. Even Portis himself says, he has been able to run because teams are forced to keep an eye on the deep ball from Santana. He has changed our entire offense himself so Portis can owe much of his success from this year to Santana. Not to mention 1400 yards, this is a no brainer.

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Offensive MVP- Santana Moss

Defensive MVP- Cornelius Griffin

Comeback Player- Mark Brunell

Special Teams- Mike Sellers

Tough Guy- Jon Jansen

Can we give an honorable mention for Chris Cooley? He took some of the pressure off Santana Moss in the passing game. Not to mention he was our best kept secret until the league started taking notice.

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