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Len Shapiro is DC's rep at the HOF


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Knowing now how much of a loser this guy is may shed some light on why we've had such trouble getting great Redskins elected to the HOF.

Friggin Len Shapiro is the Redskins rep.

I have no confidence.

David Elfin should be the guy. He's the top Skins reporter in town (take that WP, your no longer #1, heck, your not even #2. Your insignificant.)

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Shapiro (and Wilbon) has done a poor job in making a case for Art Monk and other worthy Redskins, but he's been in town as a reporter since George Allen and knows his stuff. Also anyone who watched the Comcast PostGame show last week would have seen 3 Post reps (Len Shapiro, George Soloman and I believe Thomas Boswell) all go up to Coach Gibbs after his press conference and shook his hand/gave him a hug and they all were laughing.

Shapiro, Soloman and certainly Boswell do not hate the Redskins. But in the case of Shapiro and Soloman, they may be a little out of touch with the fans.


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Lenny, before that little attack on us, had all my respect as a reporter

He has been around forever, writes good articles on the Redskins without rancor or venom, and knows everyone in this town

He does make a very good case for Art Monk and other Redskins each year, as he should since he covered them from rookies to veterans

I have no problem with his football writing. I just want an explanation as to why he called this site unaccountable and dispicable

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