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Who else is a stat monger like me?


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Obviously, beating the Eagles is the #1 priority but I'm so into stats that I will legitimately be livid if Portis and Moss don't both go over 1500 yards and each score a TD (Portis rushing) so they'll both have double digit TDs this year. For some reason it means a lot to me. I'm not joking - I'm talking yelling and possibly throwing things in anger if even one falls short.

Yes, I know I have a problem so there's no need to diagnose that.


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Most of all i would prefer a Win as a stat,but im also quite the stat freak an would like to see them both have very nice finishing numbers,very proud of portis and moss's production,portis dont get a stat for blocking,moss dont get a stat for leaving a defender juked and helpless without catching a ball,someone said there is no stat for heart (cheesy commercial?).Everyone is a stat monger,otherwise there would be no rejoice in a record broken...

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