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Preview of things to come for Giants @ Oakland in case you can't watch.....

Tom [Giants fan]

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']I have posted over 100 times in the past week. I was off all this week and have had nothing but time to post. I started the week with just over 6900 posts and as you can see' date=' I'm now over 7000.[/quote']

I meant where have you been if you haven't noticed me posting about the Skins/Eagles....

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']Hmmmm' date=' I saw one post you were on but I didn't see you after that. I thought Eagle fans just packed it in for the year. I hope that isn't the case, especially if the Giants do lose tonight.[/quote']

I post here more than any other messageboard I'm on. I just mainly keep it to Around the NFL or Tailgate now so I don't get one people's nerves by telling them all the weaknesses of their team. ;)

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