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Where can you get the best cheesesteak in Philly, near the Linc?


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Pat's and Geno's is not walking distance from the stadium, unless you consider 30 blocks, walking distance.

Pat's is KING. F*** Geno's, don't go there. Go to Pat's.

If you go, you need to know how to order. This is very important.

If you want onions, then say "cheese with". That's cheese whiz with onions. If you don't want it, then say "cheese without". If you want any other kind of cheese, say that kind with or without onions.

I grew up in DC but know all about the Philly way when it comes to ordering cheesesteaks. Trust me, they are awesome.

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Pat's and Geno's are good, but overrated. Tony Luke's is good as well. I also like Jim's on South Street and Gooey Looie's in S. Philly.

Number5: You do realize that you are telling a bunch of people from the D.C. area (Maryland) to go to Chickie's and Pete's to get crab fries. That is the equivalent of telling someone from Philly to get a Cheesesteak in D.C. where they put mayo on them (yuck).

Anyway, Pat's and Geno's are always open but definitely a drive from the stadium.

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Nifty Fifties????

Ive lived in Philly for 5+ years, and had just about every steak here.

The best cheesesteak, without question, is at Mama's in Bala Cynwyd, PA...its actually right outside Philly (easy to get to, from the stadium, hop on 76 West to Rt 1 City Ave South, right on Belmont (at the Chili's), go down a couple miles and its on your right).

In terms of classic whiz steaks, Genos and Pats has nothing on Tony Lukes. Also easy to get to from CC, its right off of 95 at the Packer Ave exit if memory serves.

Jims isnt even worth going to...tastes like Jerry's (for all you MD area people). Average.

Ill break down the common recommendations for you now:

Pats - medium sliced steak, great bread, not soggy, if youre looking for a touristy "true" Philly steak, gotta get whiz. Onions dont have much flavor. Cheese fries are great.

Genos - same as Pats, but the steak is lesser quality, more likelihood of grissle. Onions at geno's are great though, very sweet. Whiz is thicker. Bread awesome just like Pats.

Jims - thin chopped up steak. very dry. onions are ok, sandwich needs salt and/or ketchup for flavor. Provolone has no flavor whatsoever. Just all around bland. Bread is like an amoroso roll....anything you can get at any grocery store.

Tony Lukes - similar to Pats/Genos. Along with Pats/Genos, great bread. Steak is better quality than both, onions on par with Pats, not as good as Genos. Whiz is alright, sharp provolone is EXCELLENT. Great taste. Overall, like Pats/Genos, but better. Pats/Genos/TL's/Jims all have great cheese fries.

Delassandro's - Like Jims. Average. Onions are great though, so its got a leg up on Jims for flavor.

Mama's - chopped up steak, LOTS of homemade blended cheese - very thick, gooey cheese, mix of provolone and some others, awesome flavor. Never ever ever a piece of grissle. No room for fixins, just cheese, steak, and onions/shrooms/peppers whatever. Huge huge steak. Bread is great, but not as good as Pats/Genos/TL's. Overall, the best cheesesteak around. Chicken cheesesteak is also to die for.

Aside from cheesesteaks, Chickie & Petes you should definitely hit up while at the stadium...the crab fries are great. Good wings too. Gotta say one thing for Philly, they have some GREAT food here.

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