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I was browsing the Giants boards out of boredome and noticed that many of them are complaining about the referees during last week's game.

Other than the holding call at the end, what other calls were controversial? Did I miss something?

By the way, I suggest you take a trip over there. The immaturity of them, and many of their statements will definitley make you want another crack at 'em.

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I go there once in a while, they are very snotty. Basically sound like they're entitled to something because they are Giants fans.

It doesn't matter if one or two calls didn't go their way - we still dropped 35 on them, 1 of their TD was a completely fluke deflected play, and the other was on an unfortunate INT

So they needed their fair share of luck just to keep it from being a total blowout

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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