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In Washington, the year's far from over. A Redskins official, who asked not to be named, said that Coach Joe Gibbs, like many NFL coaches, was superstitious and didn't want the team to announce the sale of playoff tickets before the team had qualified.

The official said there was concern among the coaching staff that announcing a sale would motivate the New York Giants, who must lose to the Oakland Raiders on Saturday night for the Redskins to get to play at home during the first round of the playoffs.

"The rumor is that the Redskins aren't sending out tickets until next week, which could mean most people won't have tickets in their hand until Wednesday or Thursday," said Jeff Greenberg of ascticket.com, a Washington area ticket brokerage. "If the game is Saturday, there's not much we can do. They could have a disaster on their hands if they have 90,000 people lined up at the will-call window on game day."

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I don't think the team should prepare for a home playoff game until after Sunday. Sure, we may wind up with chaos, but I think the most likely scenario to take place this weekend will be the Giants beating Oakland and winning the division, and us getting by the Eagles for a wildcard spot.

From a karma standpoint (if you believe in all that stuff), announcing playoff tix beforehand does nothing good. Look what happened to the Giants with their stupid Division champ hats and shirts. (Hopefully we will win the division and they'll have to throw those hats and shirts into the Hudson River).

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