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Put a stop to the cut/ trade LaVar posts


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LaVar is untradeable.

The first thing people bring up is his cap number.

Well guess what next year we take a 12 million dollar hit for him. If we trade/cut him we owe an 18 million dollar hit. Because the rest of 6 million dollar bonus would go straight to dead money for the 2006 seasom. We are strapped as it is do you think we can afford another 6 million on the cap.


This means the only way LaVar will go anywhere is if he gives back part of his bonus so we can get rid of him. Do you think he would pay us moneey to send him elsewhere. No.

Whether you like him or hate him LaVar will be a skin next year because of his cap numbers, so all plans you guys are thinking of to get rid of him are virtualy impossible.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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