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12 pics to show why not get too drunk this New Years Eve, Especially around "friends"


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YEARS!! ago,back in the early 80's This guy with long bright Red hair passed out at my place again after I told him not to, because we couldn't wake him to kick him out. Well it was an all-nighter when he passed out, so I had a neighbor girl run home to get a dress.( she got a VERY RED one) They put VERY loud make-up on him, we stuck his arms through the top of the dress and draped the rest over the rest of him, it look like he was wearing it. Then we carried the chair outside with him in it and place him on the sidewalk facing all the morning traffic heading to church. Man we sat in my house :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: as the cars would slow down to look at the UGLIEST girl they ever seen. I'll bet he got prayed for a lot on that day. :laugh: :laugh:

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