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New Legal Defense - Under the influence of hip-hop?


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NYC Cop's Case Becomes More Bizarre

Allegedly Ripped Off Drug Dealers In Washington Heights

(Washington Heights - WABC, December 28, 2005) - It's a date in court for a New York City police officer. 30-year-old Donald Medard is facing weapons charges but police want to know if there's more to it than that.

Eyewitness News reporter Jeff Rossen is live in Lower Manhattan with more.

Officer Medard was in court earlier today. He's now charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Now, prosecutors say there is more to this bizarre story. They have evidence that he was planning to shake down and rob drug dealers in Washington Heights. However, he's not been charged with that yet -- only charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Officer Medard will be released on $10,000 bail if he can pay it.

Another bizarre twist, Internal Affairs Bureau investigators are now looking for help from dealers in the neighborhood dealers, who are asked to call the NYPD's tips line at (800) 577-TIPS to help in the probe.

Authorities suspect Medard and his three accomplices were en route to hit a drug "stash house" in Washington Heights when they were pulled over.

Police say Medard, a two-year officer assigned to the 104th Precinct in Woodside, Queens, was suspended without pay.

He was behind the wheel of his black SUV with tinted windows when 34th Precinct officers stopped him at the intersection of West 181st Street and Audubon Avenue just after 1:30 a.m.

The SUV matched the description of a vehicle -- with tinted windows and Medard's license-plate number -- fleeing a reported assault in progress at West 180th Street and Audubon Avenue minutes earlier.

Officials tell Eyewitness News, Medard had his service weapon on him as he sat with the other friends in the SUV. The other men also had guns, and one pistol's serial number was defaced.

No assault victim was found, but cops did spot suspicious items - the guns, four ski masks and at least one bulletproof vest - in the Tahoe.

Medard quickly said, "Hey, I'm on the job," and showed his department-issued Glock 9 mm pistol. By then, however, the 34th Precinct officers decided to arrest all four men.

In addition to Medard, 20-year-old Claude Dorsica, of Long Island, and 22-year-old Michael Jacob, and 26-year-old Weldon Robinson, of Queens Village, were taken in for questioning.

Medard was in court earlier today and is now charged with criminal possession of a weapon. The civilians are all charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Medard's wife - who had been frantically trying to reach him for more than 12 hours - told one newspaper he'd been under the influence of hip-hop. :doh: :laugh:

"I've been trying to call him since last night," Kimberly Medard told The Post as she broke down in tears. "It's him, he's been hanging out with these rappers. I don't know who these people are."

His wife tells Eyewitness News her husband joined the force in July 2003, after serving in the Army. He grew up in Haiti and came to Queens as a teen. The couple has two young children.

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