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Moss' greatest skill...


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I'm so glad I bought this guys jersey.

I'd say it's adjusting to the ball, but he does all of those things so well, its really hard to say...

One thing thats not on the poll is that the guy is clutch. I'd like to see how many 3rd downs he's come up with this year. He carried us in the seattle game on some crucial drives, and the MNF game goes without saying. I haven't seen him drop a pass this year (thank christ i was out of town for the first giants game) but he has routinely come up with big catches. He has a knack for the moment.

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Speed. It's his speed that creates his runs after the catch and his speed that lets him changes directions so quickly. Hands come second. He hasn't droppped many passes this season. He's also very good at catching the ball around the sidelines and dragging those million dollar feet.

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I'm w/ Shiraz (and the ppl who agreed) ... tho I don't know if a 17-year old should have that name ;)

I love the way he comes back to the ball ... he runs the routes well, but he does a great job of getting himself in a position to make the grab without needing to muscle out the DB (which may or may not be a problem) ...

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His route running is on point. That should be an option. Running precise routes gives him the ability to do all these options. It's also probably the thing he most prides himself on. I read some interview back in the day where he practiced his route running as a kid.

His ability to separate from the defender while running his route is a major plus. :cool:

Personally, I think his ability to adjust to the ball in the air is his greatest ability. With that, he puts himself in a much better position to catch a ball then normal.

His ability to change direction in mid-air is amazing :cool:

I have been really suprised by his YAC. He seems to break tackles and juke players out of their socks. I thought he would be more of a pure speed threat, a la Peerless Price. But he has been much more than that.

He runs the WR screen very well. He scored six against the gnats last Saturday on that play.

I like the way JG is moving him around now. He goes in motion a lot more;

so the safety will not be able to double him as they did when he stayed split out to one side. This gives him a lot more one on ones :cool:

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