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The Snyder-Lavar Relationship


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Uh, this statement needs some serious clarification/correction. Gibbs/Snyder were trading him to the Jets and Coles refused to go unless he could squeeze another $2m or so out of the Jets, to which the Jets initially balked. In other words, Coles wanted to force the Skins to cut him so he could get more $$$ as a free agent rather than live up to the terms of his contract. Snyder lost his temper, and admitted later he'd made such remarks to Coles. His tough stance was, however, part of what helped the deal go through, along with Pennington's willingness to renegotiate his own contract if Coles was brought on board.

Thanks Riggo, for keeping reality alive.

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With all the love I have for Arrington as a player, that's exactly what I was thinking when he was popping off about how the team no longer marketed him etc. If LaVar thought that he could slander the organization, and by extension Snyder himself, without it having any adverse effect on his working relationship he's beyond naive.

One of an endless series of meaningful points in an open-minded version of a discussion, something you will not find happening with zealots.

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