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The game this weekend is not going to be quite what I expect. Either it will be much closer than I expect, or it will be much more of a blowout than I expected. :silly:

From what I'm reading, the most likely scenario is we play in Tampa for round One. I LIKE IT!!! I like it for several reasons:

1. We were routing them the first game until Joe Salavea went out. This time around we'll have both Big Joe and Griffin back in the game. Ergo, our defense can stop them, but they can't stop us.

2. VENGEANCE WILL BE OURS - both for the phantom 2 pt conversion that actually failed, but more importantly for the '99 playoff loss.

3. I'd feel much more confident going into Tampa than back to Giants Stadium.

Every analyst keeps harping about our hot start and finish and mid-season slump, but none of them seems to even scratch the most exposed of surfaces to pick out the obvious reason - our DTs were injured. If Griffin and Salavea stay healthy throughout the playoffs, our D will be dangerous.

I never thought I'd be so happy to see our QB throw the ball away as I was when Ramsey did it against the Giants. Between that and the checkdown pass he made, I think he might just be getting it. Yes, I jumped late on the Brunell bandwagon, but even though I think going back to Brunell turned out to be the right choice, I don't equate supporting Brunell with hating Ramsey as many do. Ramsey is still a question mark, to be sure, but to be honest I'd rather not throw Brunell to the wolves of Philly's blitzers while he's less than healthy just before the playoffs.

Bold Offseason Prediction Number One: Gregg Williams will actually stay on in Washington, but Greg Blache will be hired away as a defensive coordinator elsewhere. You read it here first!

Bold Offseason Prediction Number 2: Ramsey will not be traded. Campbell simply isn't ready to take the reins, and going into the season relying solely on an aging Brunell to stay healthy is too much of a gamble.

Bold Offseason Prediction Number 3: I know people won't like this one, but the Skins will draft another RB. Betts will want to be a feature back elsewhere, and Rock may leave for greener pastures as well. I bet one of them (Rock) goes to the Panthers. Broughton is probably not all we hope for, and Gibbs/Byner will want 3 solid RBs.

Bold Offseason Prediction Number 4: Farris and Jacobs will both be gone, and the Redskins will pick up a solid "lunchpail" vet WR. We may even tap NE again for Givens. We won't spend enough to get Reggie Wayne.

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