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SOS makes a statement to the rest of the NFL

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I'm watching the local broadcast down here in Central Florida.

What gets me the most, is the "experts" like Jaworski, etc. are the ones saying that the system won't work. But, when SOS stuffs 30 - 40 pts down the other team's throat, they are the first to say "Everyone esle is an idiot for not believing the system will work." It seems ALL of the talking heads are idiots!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

It clearly isn't working. He had scores of 60+ when he was with Florida. They are only scoring 30-40 a game right now. It is only 50% as effective in the NFL. Not good! :rolleyes:

Tom, for a fan of an opposing team.. you are pretty cool.:cheers:

Hope your Giants have a great year.... except when they play the Skins.

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Originally posted by DeathByLinebacker

I think Jaws has been on board the bandwagon for a while. He seemed pretty pro-Spurrier and the offense on draft day.

I agree, its that traitor Schlereth or however you spell his name that badmouths the skins. Everytime I watch ESPN's NFL MNCountdown or Prime time, he is always talking crap. Gonna watch tomorrow and gots to see what he has to say now.

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