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How many yds would Clinton break with the hogs?


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now, im to young to remember the hogs, but I have to say, our o-line has played pretty damn well for most of the year.

now i cant really compare, but from what ive seen with out oline, i dont think it would be that much of an increase.

I caught the tail end of the Hogs and I can tell you that our current offensive line (while very talented) is no where near as dominating as the original Hogs. I think Portis would have rushed for near 2000 yards with that line. Grimm, Jacoby, Bostic, etc. opened holes that you could drive a mack truck through. They also were undeniably better pass protectors.

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You have to understand that players now days are faster and stronger than the majority of the players from back in the days of the Hogs.

My mom keeps arguing that the Hogs would be our team we have today. Now, granted that the Hogs in THEIR time, compared to the Skins of OUR time don't match up(yet), because they were so dominant. But the fact of the matter is that if they actually played each other, the Hogs wouldnt stand much of a chance. The game is so much more technical now than it used to be that they wouldn't be able to keep up.

This isn't to say that the Hogs don't have my respect, because I believe them to be one of the best teams in NFL history. It's just that to compared teams directly to one another from 2 different eras isn't really fair or possible. =\

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if JOE gibbs were able to bring back the hogs to play in this day and age, how many yards do you think clinton portis would have at seasons end. My guess would be near the 1800-1900 yds season.

he would have over 2000 yards.they would be impressive to say the least.

:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

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Let me address your question,the hogs are in the past with Riggins the hardest hitting back in the history of the NFL.

Today our O LINE is coming to life! They are pass blocking and run blocking better and better EVERY game.

I have got to say Old Ray Brown is doing a great job this line is meshing!

The run schemes of the hogs where designed for RIGGIN's.

So your question "How many yds would Clinton break with the hogs?"

really can't be answered.

The one thing I can say is he is going to break some record's this Sunday aginst the philly-lou-birds!

Our O LINE-is fast becoming fantastic stronger and stronger every game they play. I am EXCITED!


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If Clinton Portis played back in the 80's behind the Hogs, he would have over 3,000 yards, on probably 250-275 carries. With 25 touchdowns.

AND, Ladell Betts would have at least 1,000 yards on 50 carries for 10 touchdowns.

Rock would be our short yardage back, and have probably 600 yards on 4 carries for 7 touchdowns.

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