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Cool Philly story


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I go to the skins eagles game in Philly every year. I have been going for the past 5 or 6 years. It is a wild time and a crazy place to watch some football. Back in 2001 (I Think), I witnessed the last time that we won in Philly. I am pretty sure that Schottenheimer was the coach. It was great to see the skins win in a hostile environment. The fans were whining like little school girls. When I went to get on I-95, I was forced to take I-95 northbound. I was so pissed but I figured that I would just turn around at the next exit. I got stuck in all of the northbound traffic leaving the stadium. The next exit wasn't for like five miles. I finally got turned around and headed south. Then I hit all of the southbound traffic. It was a long night getting out of Philly. I finally got to the Md state line after being in my car for about three hours. Around Elkton Md., I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a police convoy. They were rolling with about 10 md state troopers and busses. I looked in the busses and it was the Redskins traveling home. I went crazy. I was beeping my horn and waving my jersey out the window. A lot of the guys waved to me. I couldn't tell who the players were because of the window tint and the rain

Lesson learned: Don't get caught going the wrong way unless you want to see the skins on I-95

I ll be heading up there again on Sunday. I ll try to meet at the Md house if I can!!

Go Skins

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