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For Christmas Mom gave Brother and I Tickets to REDSKINS-eagles!!!!


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Trying to figure out if it was a gift of love or she's ticked at us for something! LOL! Either way we are going be all decked out and showing the Burgundy and Gold!! I am going to witness firsthand the Redskins final step into the playoffs. They were a gift to her from someone in the Redskins organization and she gave them to us. She was scared to go.

It is a shame when a woman who loves this team, as much if not more than any of us, is afraid to go see a football game. She's heard and seen the stories on the news.She said she wanted us to go and cheer for our team. But she didn't want to go.

So I'm asking anybody who is going to the game to look out for each other. Don't go looking for trouble, But at least try to watch each others backs. I hope it's wasted vigilance, but at the same time it can't hurt. If I would have known about it sooner I would have gotten some EXTREMESKINS apparel!


:eaglesuck :point2sky :eaglesuck

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Borrow an Eagles Jersey and wear it over top your Redskins jersey!

No way, man! Just keep your head down, don't talk smack and cheer for our boys!

And use this board to rendevous with other Skins fans so you can travel in large packs of burgundy and gold!

Have fun. :eaglesuck

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I'm going to the game too, with 3 of my friends. We'll be drunk, rowdy and loud. And we'll be sporting 'Skins apparel. Is it really that bad? I honestly don't believe the hype surrounding these Philly fans.

Plan on visiting the jail cell while your there, I heard it has a nice view :D

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