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Portis and Company Thursday Press Conference (merged)


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Biggie Short (Purple Wig) - Nehemiah Broughton b/c Portis says he's from South Carolina, and he's the only player from South Carolina on the team.

Batman- Ryan Clark (LSU)

Sweet Feet Jenkins- Ladell Betts (Iowa)

Johnny White Guy- Chris Cooley (Utah)

Macaronni Toni- Rock (Kansas State)

Pretty Teeth- Robert Royal (LSU)

Southeast Rom'e Rome- Portis (Miami)

Thats all of them, correctly. Those are all Portis's homeboys he met up with in Heaven. :laugh:


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Ok I got all of them identified.

Southeast Jerome-Portis

Jonny Whiteguy- Cooley

Red Wig in the back- Betts

Batman- Ryan Clark

Yellow Wig- Cartwright

Sweet Teeth- Robert Royal

Purple Wig- Nehemiah Broughton.

That by far was the best one yet. CP is the man.

Nemo Broughton grew up in South Carolina. Robert Royal and Ryan Clark went to LSU. Betts went to Iowa. Portis and Cooley are pretty obvious.

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How tha heck did Ryan Clark get out of the defense's practice? lol. Regardless it was nice to see our skins enjoying themselves and what they do. It makes it better that they are all together. Funny moments:

1.Cooley constantly rubbing Portis and acting like he was licking his ear? Weird

2. Ryan Clark screams "Why do they have the black guy in all black?" lol

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i'm jusy trying to figure out how many people on this board would go down on portis.Geez,some people need to get a life.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is a joke, judging by your name?

And if not, I'll now apologize for whatever trauma you might've suffered in your childhood which hindered your ability to enjoy humor. :D

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you almost have to question portis' manhood after that shot.

Go ahead!! Rod Woodson and Lincoln Kennedy question his manhood a few weeks back and Clinton told them to bring their wives to him and they would tell them what a man he was!!! :laugh: :laugh:

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