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Portis and Company Thursday Press Conference (merged)


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i think the guy with the red wig on the top left (next to luscious, who was rock cartwright) was ladell betts

so, so far i have





i dont know who batman was, who the other guy who kept talking (wht the bad teeth) the guy who barely got any screen time (far left bottom of stairs who you can't see mmost of the time)

Royal was one of them.

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Not only do we have the coolest team in the league, but we have the most momentum in the league, the best coaching staff, the best of both sides of the ball for the last month!!!!

Great time to peak!!!

:notworthy :applause: :cheers:

The birds are screwed!

:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

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Springs? or Taylor?


Those are all the people, but the one in the far left that you couldnt see most of the time. The one in the purple wig, and red glasses?

where did you see washington?

It was Betts, Rock, Clark in the back Cooley and Royal but the unidentified guy with the purple wig is definetley not Washington

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batman = ryan clark, "pretty teeth" = robert royal, "luscious" = rock, "sweet feet jenkins" = sean taylor, johnny whiteguy obviously cooley, guy on the bottom left (biggie short) i think was antonio brown

sweet feet jenkins=Ladell Betts

Biggie short= Sean Taylor

Southeast Rom'e Rome= Portis


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OK, here's my prediction (we ever gonna know for sure?) --

Betts -Red Wig, Top Left

Royal-Purple Wig, Bottom Left

Sellers -Black and White Wig, Bottom middle

Portis, obvious...

Cooley, obvious LOL...

Rock -Yellow Wig, Middle top

Ryan Clark as BATMAN!

I really think that is sellers, if you look at his mug shot on the roster and compare his skin tone, size of his head, and facial hair...

I really don't know about the purple wig though... don't think it's royal and I'm not really sure about brown...

EDIT: purple wig has to be royal because portis said he met him in Louisiana, royal finished college at LSU... :applause:

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