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Sam and Sonny on the Radio (Superstition)


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I posted this in another post but I just could not resist hearing other people stories (superstitions, etc)

....But I did want to say something since some mentioned earlier about how "we" think we actually affect the game while sitting at home watching (superstition.. whatever...)

As early as I can remember... my family always watched the Skins game with the TV volume down and the radio on tuned to Sam and Sunny. It was always funny watching peoples faces when they were at my house during the game and a commercial would come on and (of course the audio would not match...). Took a few games before my wife started to appreciate hearing the radio.

This year was different though... due to a freaky TV setup...and Janet Jackson causing the TV to be delayed versus the radio.... I could not run my TV video and my stereo radio audio at the same time.. so for the first three games.. I could not listen to Sam and Sunny while watching the game... and we WIN.

For the Bronco's game... I finally got my setup straight and watch the game while listening to the radio (no delay)... we LOST. Same for the Chiefs game...LOST. For the Eagles and 49ers I was at a bar... we WIN. (Yes..I skipped talking about the Giants game...cause it never happened...).

Ok.. then we start our streak... 3 wins... for some reason or another I'm not listening to the radio (probably delay issue) and all is well in the world.

We come to the Giants game... (I swear this happened...). I start watching the game we start doing great but the annoucers are getting on my nerves... so I switch to the radio for audio....

My wife goes "Are you sure you want to do that? Everytime you listen to the radio we lose..."

I looked at her bug-eyed while thinking about it cause I never had noticed the connection....

and Brunell throws the interception to Blackburn..... I dive for the remote and change the audio back to the TV....

ARGHHH!!!! I love my Sam and Sonny but I just cannot bring myself to listen to the radio until after we have won the Super Bowl......

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Well I started the game out listening to the TV last week but Johnston is such an anti-Redskin it isnt funny and even when the Giants were losing he was talking about how amazing they were and how the Redskins were stuggling non stop...eventually I had to turn on the radio and a few plays later Brunell threw the 58 yarder to Moss, so I guess what you do (turning the radio off/on) means absolutly nothing.

...or does it?


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I pretty much exclusively listen to Sonny and Sam while I watch the game on TV. The radio/TV delay seems to change from week to week and even from commercial to commercial. As long as it's not too bad (<2sec or so) I always listen to the radio. I like how Sonny and Sam tell it like it is. If the skins are stinkin up the place, they are not affraid to say so. And if they are doing well they also give praise and get excited.


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I have a DVR but my radio is "ahead" of the TV...

So I cannot catch up.:(

But like I said...I'm just too superstitious to worry about it this year...

I cannot remeber who is doing the half time for the SB this year but hopefully the delay issue will go away next year.


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