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Police say trucker chucked urine, haul him off to can


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A 54-year-old Nebraska man was arrested by Clive police Thursday for Christmas deliveries nobody wants: large bottles of urine.

"We've got a Grinch that has been lobbing urine," Clive Police Chief Robert Cox said. "Since this fall, we've had eight to 10 incidents reported where people have found containers full of urine thrown into their backyards."

Reno Tobler, a truck driver whose route regularly brings him to the Des Moines area, was charged with littering and harassment for throwing laundry detergent-size bottles of his urine into backyards of Forest Avenue residents. The properties back University Avenue's north side in Clive.

Clive Police Officer Dennis Evans caught Tobler in the act just after midnight Wednesday while driving in the 10500 block of University Avenue.

Evans reported he saw Tobler walking on the sidewalk and holding a paper sack. As he drove past and looked in his rearview mirror, Evans reportedly saw Tobler throw the sack over a fence that separates the sidewalk from the nearby backyards.

Evans confronted Tobler, who denied he had thrown anything and said he had put the sack back in his coat, where he had a number of empty sacks.

Evans continued questioning Tobler, who later admitted he had thrown something over the fence. A search of area yards turned up three urine-filled bottles.

Tobler told police it was a longtime practice to fill the bottles and dump them while driving. A search of his truck, which was parked in the Best Buy parking lot at 4100 University Ave. in West Des Moines, turned up numerous other bottles that had been filled with urine.

Tobler was taken to the Polk County Jail and was later released after posting a $500 bond. Police said he had no known prior arrests.

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