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I am actually hoping we somehow get rid of Lavar without hurting us in the long run. Anyone notice that once we had rid the team of classless indviduals such as Fred Smoot aka Cpt. Loveboat, Champ Bailey and Lavarneous Coles (who didn't want to be here), Jeremiah Trotter, Jesse Armstead, Deion Sanders, we end up doing the same or better without them? Even Spurrier was classless. Is it a coincidence we are doing much better??? Is it a coincidence we swept dallas this year, with a team full of players and a coach that actually wants to be here and win? even over the course of our history, look at darrell green and art monk. we've never been a team of prima donnas. so to all of you that thinks lavar is such a key, i say open up your eyes. we have a top 5 defense without him and we'll only get better because we'll have people that want to win and do good, not only for them, but for US too.

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