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Sean (DC): Do you think the Redskins will try to trade Patrick Ramsey in the offseason? Maybe to Baltimore for a 2nd round pick?

Gary Horton: (11:26 AM ET ) I think that's a possibility because a lot of teams are looking for a good veteran QB, but I also think that teams are realizing a solid veteran at No. 2 is critical. I see most of the teams in the playoffs totally at the mercy of their starter. I have never seen a time in the NFL when the backups were such a dropoff, and having talked to Tampa Bay I know that they value the QB situation and that's why they had good guys behind Griese, both Simms and Rattay. I look at the Colts, Patriots, Seahawks as teams that would be int trouble if they had to play their backups. So I'm not sure I would trade Ramsey and go into 2006 with a fragile Mark Brunell and an unproven Jason Campbell backing him up.

icky (DC): Do you think Arrington should try and stay with the Redskins or do you thnk he would be a better fit somewhere else? If so where could you see him going if he stops threatening to retire?

Gary Horton: (11:36 AM ET ) I know he's a talented player and his biggest problem in Washington has been his lack of discipline in playing schemes the way they want. It's in poor taste for him to sound off during the week of a very important game, and my guess is it probably rubs the coaches and even his teammates the wrong way. He may have burned enough bridges now that he will be gone in the offseason. He could play in a lot of places because of his talent but it would be too early to speculate right now. But I don't expect to see him in a Redskins uniform a year from now.

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