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whats with philly fans?


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I've been a member of this site almost over a year now...if not longer. I am a member who enjoys talking FOOTBALL with fans of divsion opponents. While in your experience with regards to my post are limited.....you would know that I am an Eagles fan, but also have ties to the Skins as well. As far as your advice.....I've been put in the idiot categories since the day folks up here found out I was an Eagles fan, but as time went on, floks thought different. It bothers me when people in general classify actions of the few with the many.......I've learned that a grain of salt or a gallon of salt doesn't make it go away, but at least talking about it will make it known.

Actually I read a bunch of your posts. I do comend you because you didn't really put down anyone in them. So you at least practice what you preach. I only have two posts and haven't been a member very long but have been reading and playing the guest roll for a while now. To where I don't understand you wanting to be part of this group if your and eagles fan I can respect it. Only reason I can't understand it is because I would just want to talk football who want to talk about what I want to talk about. You said you have ties to the redskins so maybe thats it, anyway water under the bridge. All I was trying to say in my last post is you can't expect not to see this kinda thing, I try not to put others down, sometimes when it's about Elway and or the cowboys I admit I slip, the three of us just have never got along. It doesnt bother me seeing other people put me down as a redskins fan. They can say what they want I will always still love the Redskins.

Then again I live in the middle of nowhere and the closest football anything to me is 8 hours away. So I probably would let another teams fan whoop me just to get to see a redskins game. Go Skins!

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I think Philly is more of a blue-collar town than DC, and thus the fans that go to sporting events tend to be a bit more rowdy. Even though the famed Santa incident occurred in the late 60s, many tend to place the Eagle fan attitude with the arrival of the smack-talking Buddy Ryan in town in 1986. I don't know how much credence that has, but........

The recent threads about fan behavior have been interesting. The behavior of Skins fans converging towards what is at least perceived as Eagle fans is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you want to place to get loud. On the other hand, you don't want an NFL stadium to become a place where even little kids feel threatened.

I've never had any problems with Eagle fans, and have met quite a number of polite ones at games both in DC and Philly, but it speaks volumes when a Philly fan comes back from the Super Bowl in Jacksonville last year and tells me "The Patriots fans were generally cool........and the Eagles fans were generally jerks."

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I used to live in Virginia Beach, VA, and down the street from us was a true Philly family - the father was a blue collar union guy (and a thief - he used to steal plywood from the lots on our street where new houses went up), the mother was a vulgar Philly chick, and their sons... well, whenever they would see me, they would all get in my face and boo the Redskins. Seriously.

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Because Philly is the only team in the NFC east that doesn't have a Superbowl trophy. :laugh:





That about sums it up.

The Skins will get #4 before the eagles lose the goose egg.

1960 never seemed so long ago. Hell, I can't even think back that far.


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