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"Taken out of context", the most misused cliche by athletes


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Your entire arguement is severely flawed.


Do you seriously think LaVarr invites someone over to interview him, then just sits down, and spills his life story? No. The interviewer has a list of questions, and he asks them. At NO point in that story is it ever told what questions he was asked, in what context.

Take Arringtons words in the context of he was asked, and this is actually a question that is VERY likely to have been asked, "What if you knew, for certain, that the Redskins were going to cut you, where would you go, what would your plans be?". In that context, his words above are completely changed now.

You know what I want to see? I want to see a full transcript of what was asked and what was said. Not some reporter who took the story and printed it his way. Then ill make a decision.

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And please... can we get off Arringtons saying that football is just a game... BECAUSE IT IS. And apparently he is the only one man enough to say there are more important things than football. Mad props to him for saying that.

Saying its just a game, and whether he plays his ass off every week are not related. Guess what, I played sports for many years. I always knew it was just a game. But I also practiced hard, and played as hard as I could, because I wanted to win. But I knew there were many more important things than the game. Its absurd and foolish to blast Arrington for that, seriously.

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Great writing Redman. I totally agree with everything you said, excluding the George Bush stuff. I may need some more time to digest your political issues. But I appreciate your energy. Anyway, I always felt LaVar was a good player early on when they drafted him; but now I feel that the past three years he has not gotten better. He makes one play and he acts like the world should acknowledge it. I have seen where he is the third guy to the pile, and he is dancing all around like he made it solo. And the redskin loyal give him praise everytime. I have always said that this cat is a freaking phony. He was at the draft talking about he wanted to go Cleveland with the first pick and he wanted to be in Cleveland. He is Terrell Owens with politeness. I knew he wouldn't play up to his potential when in his rookie year he was being mentored by DEION SANDERS. Deion was faking like he was helping LaVar, but all he did was feed him a bunch of self centered crap and it is showing now.

LaVar says people aren't interacting with him the way they used to. "They" would probably be Daniel Snyder and his staff. You see LaVar is not the prettiest girl in the class anymore and now his motivation is gone. It was cool when he was the supposed "MR. REDSKIN". But now Brunell, Moss, Washington, Springs, Portis, Griffin, Taylor, Jansen,Samuels, Rogers, names all come up before you even think of LaVar, and now football doesn't define him. This is the kind of player that's makes me think that I take the loses harder than him. When I'm at work on Monday with a stomach ache over a last second lose to the Cowboys, he is probably chilling thinking about payday.

That's ok because only the true redskins will be remembered when their gone.

If we lose Sunday to the Eagles, I sure hope it is not because of the missed assignment by LAVAR. -:logo: Mr. Freelance

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