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Are you going to the Game


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If someone has a ticket for me (to buy) and a spot in their car....I am down. My buddy bailed out on me and its too late for me to find a replacement AND order tix on ebay.

You wanna go with me? My wife isn't real crazy about going to this game. She'll go, but she'd prefer I found somebody else. I've got two in section 225, Row 12, seats 37 & 38. They are on the 42 yard line. I paid $220 for the pair. I'll pay for gas and food and beverages. I'm leaving my house no later than 9:30. Maybe even 9:15. I'll be going down with the caravan.


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...wish i could make it...

Went to Cleveland dealt with the dawgpound morons...went to NYG this year and dealt with those ****y New Yorkers...dont worry about wearing your colors....rock your Skins gear with Pride! They may talk some garbage but what do u expect honestly....some little old ladies waiting at the parking lot gates with brownies? I mean cut the jokes...there will be some ribbing from their fans but unless you do something ridiculously stupid you will be fine dressed in a hoggettes outfit or a Santana Moss jersey.

Its not what you wear but moreso about how u act. Cle and NY had their share of trashtalkers but take it in stride...your in their territory so just be smart about drawing attention. The more s**t you talk the more they will stir the pot.

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