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Where will the Redskins be


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It just seems like the moons and planets are aligning perfectly for the Skins right now...I would not be surprised to see Oakland pull off an upset against the Giants. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Giants handle them either.

I've just got this gut feeling...Sheli has been playing horribly of late, Shockey seems to be transgressing to his old, selfish ways, and the Giants' Oline is still rickety. Oakland's defense might not be a world-beater, but they can get to the passer. We'll see, I just have a funny feeling that Oakland steals this one on a last second Janikowski field goal. I had this feeling about the Dallas game...I just knew we were going to win. I have the same feeling about Oakland. I know, its ridiculous and I have no basis in fact, and LaMont Jordan being out definitely hurts the cause, but I just have a feeling.

Here's to being crowned division champs on Sunday!!! :cheers:

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Anything can happen in the NFL. But to have Dallas lose to the Rams and have the Giants lose to the Raiders would be great, but it's doubtful. Either one or the other, if any scenario at all. More than likely both will win which will give us a wild card birth if we win.

If the Redskins win, they are in it all the way. We control our destiny.

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