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Seriously, Wouldn't You Rather.......


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Actually, I would if we had another win (unless it was Tampa) or were 14-1 or better. If you can add conditions, so can I.

Although, had Philidelphia not suffered all these injuries and TO had learned to shutup, I don't think Philidelphia would be looking at a losing season. They'd not be as dominating as last year but...

BTW, my original prediction for the season was that this game would decide the NFC East.

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Not sure we'd "smash" a healthy Eagles team with Owens...we might win, but not sure we'd "smash" them. So, I guess that I'd rather kick them really hard while they're down...there is some real satisfaction in doing that.

Kick 'em while they're down...that's what I hope we accomplish while clinching a playoff spot on Sunday.


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