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ESPN Insider: Sport Nations tidbits- PFW


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Ron(Maryland): Do you think that the Redskins will make a run in the playoffs, assuming they win this week at Philly?

Mike Holbrook: (4:10 PM ET ) Ron: I absolutely think the Redskins can make a run. I'm certainly not sold on their QB play, but as long as they don't turn the ball over, they'll be OK. The Skins' running game balanced with the deep passing threat of Santana Moss and the red-zone production of Chris Cooley gives the Skins enough offense to score points. And I love how their tenacious defense seems to be hitting its stride. I think the Skins are a team that no one in the NFC is looking forward to facing if they make the playoffs. They have the talent to win on the road, particularly at Tampa Bay.

Kyle (Los Angeles): Shouldn't Joe Gibbs be at least mentioned in the coach of the year talk? Most "experts" picked them to finish last in their division.

Mike Holbrook: (4:59 PM ET ) Kyle: No question. Gibbs has done a great, great job. I just believe that Lovie Smith has brought his team further this season. Both teams were expected to be last-place teams, but the Bears have really impressed with their defense and winning all those games in a row with a rookie QB.

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