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Did anyone here watch MNF last night???


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I watched the last ABC MNF game ever last night...did you???

It was a pretty good game, and Vinny Testaverde set an all-time NFL record by passing for a TD in 19 consecutive seasons with a 4th-quarter pass to, guess who...our old buddy Laveranues Coles! :laugh:

It was the first game where two 40+ year old QBs threw a pass.

It ended with the Jets losing to New England, 31-21, the exact same score by which the Jets lost to Cleveland in the very first MNF game 35 years ago.

And just who in the hell is Mike Vrabel??? :laugh:

See you all on ESPN next season!

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I watched. I also recorded on a DVD for posterity. I am glad that they persuaded Don Meredith to make some appearances. In my opinion, New England should've sported the throwback unis and ABC should''ve made arrangements to have every former booth and sideline reporter back for one appearance. I know some are under contract with other networks, but the networks are in a new working arrangement wherein they lend their talent to other networks under certain circumstances. I liked the Hank Williams, Jr. ending and the simple yet powerful reminder with the B&W image of the creators, Rozelle and Arledge. I look forward to the production that ESPN will now put into Monday Night programming before, during, and after the game. Hey, I'll record Primetime next week too.

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MNF Schedule

Week 1:

Philly @ Atlanta

The story: Riding of the Philly Eagles and the Vick Hype Machine.

End Result: Good game, atleast we thought, at the time.


Washington @ Dallas

The Story: The NFL's most hated rivalry.

End Result: Redskins coming out party and breaking losing streak. Great Game. HUGE playoff implications.

Week 3:

Kansas City @ Denver

The Story: MNF loves their rivalry games.

End result: Good game that had BIG playoff implications.

Week 4:

Green Bay @ Carolina

The Story: John Madden's man-love fest for Brett Favre continues.

End Result: John Madden's man-love fest for Brett Favre continues.

Week 5:

Pittsburgh @ San Diego

The Story: Previous years division winners H2H.

End Result: Huge playoff implications giving Steelers H2H tie breaker.

Week 6:

St Louis @ Indianapolis

The Story: The greatest shows on turf H2H.

End Result: NO playoff implications, close scare for Indy.

Week 7:

NY Jets @ Atlanta

The Story: Jets suck, and the Vick Hype machine roles on.

End Result: Jets Suck, no playoff implications.

Week 8:

Baltimore @ Pittsbugh

The Story: Heated rivalry.

End Result: Good game, unexpectedly, No playoff implications. Steelers Win by 1.

Week 9:

Inianapolis @ New England

The story: Peyton Manning -vs- Patriots.

End Result: Manning/Brady 3TDs each in Easy W for indy. Playoff Preview??

Week 10:

Dallas @ Philthydelphia

The Story: Philly is playing, lets put it on MNF.

End Result: Dallas 4th Qtr comeback W. Good Game.

Week 11:

Minnesota @ Green Bay

The Story: John Madden's man-love fest for Brett Favre continues.

End Result: John Madden's man-love fest for Brett Favre continues.

Week 12:

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis

The Story: Two AFC powers H2H.

End Result: Indy makes statement to AFC foes.

Week 13:

Seattle @ Philthydelphia

The Story: Two NFC powers H2H(or former powers).

End Result: Eagles hand over NFC reigns by being schlaked 42-0 at HOME.

Week 14:

New Orleans @ Atlanta

The Story: Michael Vick must pay MNF a lot of $$$

End Result: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ did they actually play this game?

Week 15:

Green Bay @ Baltimore

The Story: John Madden's man-love fest for Brett Favre continues.

End Result: John Madden's man-love fest for Brett Favre continues.

Week 16:

New England @ NY Jets

The Story: AFC East rivals(sort of).

Only reason to watch: last MNF game on that station nobody cares for.


Michael Vick + Brett Favre + Philthydelphia = 9 MNF games

Michael Vick + Brett Favre + Philthydelphia = 0 playoff games

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atleast the eagles earned their mnf appearences this year

I agree with you.....they were deserving the Primetime, I hate to say this (sad but true) Eagles were clear cut the best NFC team in 2004.

Also, HUGE things happened when we saw the Eagles on MNF.

1. Falcons/Eagles:

Mcnabb's hernia begins here......TO train of ****ing also starts after this game (now that he knows McNabb is hurt).

2. Cowboys/Eagles: 1 INT and a knock down post-throw and the season ends for Mcnabb and the 2005 Eagles season ends that night (Had the Eagles won that game who knows where the Eagles or the Cowboys would be right now).

3. Seahawks/Eagles: I know they've had injuries, but this is the Eagles w/o Mcnabb and they struggle when he's not there. Also, wasn't Westbrook injured in this game also?

Also: it was the ESPN Sunday game (Skins vs Eagles) that we saw the Eagles 1st time post the expulsion of TO.....another big Primetime game.

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