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while i was up in New jersey this weekend i was driving around listening to these Homers on an FM radio station predict the Gianst were gonna cruise ove rthe redskin and how the manhandling woudl continue. after i finished my shopping and come out these clowns were talking about who was gonna make the playoffs out of 4 of them not one mentioned the skins as making the playoffs.

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Ummm... I'm guessing since they predicted that the Redskins would lose to the Giants, then they would have also had to predict the Redskins to miss the playoffs.

I really hate listening to radio personalities that think they know a lot about football, but maintain huge biases for their home team. For example, I really like listening to the Junkies when they're talking football, but I just have to change the station when EB starts blabbering about how good the Skins are. It's great that he's a fan, but it gets pretty ridiculous.

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National Press Skins Hating Hall of Fame:

Peter King is the "king" of Giants butt kissers and that freek is on HBO (and CnnSi.com). All this guy did was cry about burress dropped pass this week.

Sean Salsbury week 5: "you would need drug testing if you thought the skins will make the playoffs this year"....thanks Sean..azzole

Terry Bradshaw (reformed skins hater) on Gibbs return: "its a young man's game...Alot has changed...He wont get anywhere near the superbowl again..." ??? Another azzole

Not all haters:

I live in FL and saw the tampa game...The fans (Bucs fans) gave the skins a standing ovation after that game as they walked out through the tunnel. Brought tears to our eyes,,,those guys left it all on the field that day. This is a real special team this year...Go Skins

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