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Fearless Fans wanted: No worry warts allowed


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I have read so many I'm nervous threads, that it's making me sick. :laugh:

This is a different kind of thread. If you are nervous please feel free to post in one of the 20 threads entitled why I'm nervous. I do see why some fans would be nervous, but I honestly am not at all. For one, you can see the intense hunger in our players. The defense is tenacious and salivating at a chance to be in the playoffs. We are going to put an all out assault on whoever starts at QB for the Eagles. Just imagine the gameplan Gregg Williams is putting together with a playoff berth on the line. Imagine how Sean Taylor and Arrington are going to be fired up. Just think of how bad Portis and Moss want the Redskins all time records.Playing in places such as KC and Denver have helped to make us battle tested on the road. If we were a team built on finesse, then you could be nervous. However we have a punch you in the mouth team that has a team on the ropes. This will be yet another statement game for the Skins who by the way everyone left for dead besides the organization and its fans.



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I agree with the finality of the score. Yes it "should" be a 20+ point victory, but one should never underestimate the most desperate opponents. Pride, dignity and a winless season (in the NFC East) in the division is nothing but pure motivation for those remaining [healthy] Eagles. Remember, all players in the NFL are fully capable, and there is a reason that people like Mahe, Moats, McMahon and company have made it this far. They have all shown flashes of above average play, and we cannot be lackadaisical regarding this ability. As fans, we are very skeptical about "playing down" to a "lesser" opponent (see Arizona and Oakland for reference). As you stated, however, the Redskins players, coaches and player personnel are all wide eyed and lucid. There is NO DOUBT we will be ready, period. I believe that, and I believe every true Skins fan here believes that, but it doesn't keep the anxiety and tension from building before the game is started. And, we all know how predictions of one-sided defeats can go sometimes. Ask Cincinnati fans if they believe they were going to lose last week AT HOME vs. a HORRIBLE Buffalo team. Bet you will get ZERO answers other than NO.

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