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I hope we can bring this thing home and finish this great run in Philly.

I worry about our offense if Brunell is out, however, I think we have the potential to hold their O in check with the way our D has been playing lately.

If we can put together a couple of those 80-yard drives (like the first one vs. NY) then we'll be OK.

Nice to see the respect, but we have one more game to win since Dallas isn't losing to the Rams!

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on sportscenter today, they were talkin about brunell's knee and other stuff from the locker room, and analyst sean salisbury did a fact or fiction on us, and he called fact to the question: the redskins will make the playoffs


Now I'm worried.

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No "system" back in Denver will even be remotely in the vicinity of 1500 yards this year (As a matter of fact, they BARELY have a 1,000 yard back). Again showing that Portis is an elite back and no one can counter this claim. 1500 would be phenomenal, and I honestly think he has more than a 50/50 chance against Philly. It will be all about ball control at the linc, and I expect Portis to get every opportunity to chew up the Eagles D. Hopefully the Freak will be out of the lineup with his ankle tweak.

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The Skins have been all over ESPN. Over the past two days they have been on SC and Cold Pizza.

We are starting to get a ton of recognition and many experts are talking about how we will be a tough team to beat in the playoffs. The fact that these experts are expecting us to be in the playoffs is what scares me.

WE MUST BEAT PHILLY!!!!! :eaglesuck

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Looks like CP and SM will break the records on Sunday!


Category Name, Year Record

Rushing Yards Stephen Davis, 2001 1,432

Passing Yards Jay Schroeder, 1986 4,109

Passing TDs Sonny Jurgensen, 1967 31

Receptions Art Monk, 1984 106

Receiving Yards Bobby Mitchell, 1963 1,436

Interceptions Dan Sandifer, 1948 13

Punting Avg. Sammy Baugh, 1940 51.4

Field Goals Mark Moseley, 1983 33

Touchdowns John Riggins, 1983 24

Points Mark Moseley, 1983 161

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