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Truely, we have been the beast of the east


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With sweeping Dallas, splitting with NY and already having one up on Philly, possibly sweeping them as well, we can almost say that this year we are the beast of the East for 2005. I know our record might not account for it at the end of the year if NY wins, but we lost most games to the AFC. Look how much a great coaching staff and a year can do. Remember last year at this time? Lets show some appreciation to all the players and coaching staff for how far they have come this year, despite all odds.



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If we finish 10-2 in the NFC and 5-1 in the division it won't matter what our overall record is as to whether we've been the best team, clearly, in the division. Unfortunately the Giants got some advantage for having an extra home game and we lost a couple of tough games as we were still coming together.

Still, no one can deny what we will have been able to do in the East and NFC if we win against Philly.

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If we beat Philadelphia, we'll not only have the best record against divisional opponents, but we'll also have one of the best records in the NFC versus conference opponents.

Only Seattle and Chicago can finish with a better conference record, and we've already beaten them head-to-head.

If we make the playoffs, I like our chances. :D

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